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Academic writing is most important and toughest form of writing because it directly effects your grades. Therefore, it’s important to know how to do academic writing and write assignments effectively so you can get best marks. To assist you in doing so Contseo Assignments have shared best 50 academic writing tips as per our academic writing experts.

Best 50 academic writing tips

Below we have shared top 50 tips on the best way to keep you away from the most widely recognized missteps which you might make while composing assignments and papers.

S.No.What to Do/Avoid?Example(s)
1Adverbs come after verbs.John dances beautifully.
2Alliterations are not cool to read.Always avoid alliterations.
3Always finish what you are writing.A writing piece without a conclusion.
4Avoid archaic expressions.Certain classes involved this as a sustaining and helpful blend during recuperation later accouchement.
5Avoid clichés.Every cloud has a silver lining.
6Avoid colloquialisms.Retirement is inescapable.
7Avoid comparisons.She was as cold as ice.
8Avoid exaggeration at all costs.Rather than:

‘The ideal answer for the issue is.’




‘Perhaps the best answer for the issue is.’

9Avoid hyperboles.Old Mr. Scot has been our educator since the Stone Age.
10Avoid inserting remarks in parentheses.He, at last, answered (in the wake of thinking for five minutes) that he doesn’t like to respond to the inquiry.
11Stay away from the detached voice.Sharon will introduce the exploration.
12Avoid emphases. Make an effort not to communicate whatever is obvious, and don’t use comparative pronouns or words or sounds no less than a couple of times in a sentence.In the Conclusion segment, we finish the paper.
13Stay away from using huge words, however much as could be expected.Use ‘discernment for ‘prevalent mental intensity’.
14Stay away from the utilization of unusual or unpredictable words or expressions.Rather than:

Would you care for a drink?


Would you like something to drink?

15Keep away from the utilization of unfamiliar words and expressions.Such a bond was against the public methodology and void muscular strength initio. (‘Abs initio’ is Latin for ‘from the beginning.’)
16Try not to utilize words, expressions, sentences, or thoughts superfluously. Nobody likes excess.‘As I would see it, I… ‘ or ‘teamed up.
17Be careful with utilizing analogies and representations while composing papers mistakenly.Gathering notes and noticing resources takes after the art of cooking. You should explained how cooking interfaces with social occasion notes.
18Dangling participles may confuse.Sitting on the back deck, we watched the dusk upon the horizon.
19Did you check the Pronoun-Antecedent agreement?Neither Carrie nor her young ladies will bring their mates.
20Do not end a sentence with a connecting action word.Indeed, that is <him>.
21Do not part an infinitive by embedding a modifier or other word among ‘to’ and ‘the action word.’I used to like concentrating on Physics.
22Do not utilize old-fashioned spellings.‘Quire’ for ‘Ensemble’ in design settings.
23Don’t generalize.All ladies need to have at least three youngsters.
24Don’t overuse exclamation marks.Read This Article!!!
25Don’t use long-winded, poly-syllabic words.Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of sesquipedalian lexicological constructions.
26Don’t use obscure words.I was so loaded with alysm that I could not complete my task.
27Double negatives are a no-no.There isn’t any problem.


It would be best if you never ate anything with peanuts.

28Edit for dead or mixed metaphors.We’ll need to resolve the remaining bottlenecks to push forward. (It is a blended analogy that consolidates pictures nonsensically or stupidly).
29Eliminate rhetorical questions.What might the particles say on the off chance that they could talk?
30In commas, enclosed parenthetical expressions.For instance, a few food sources, sugar, are not great for our well-being.
31Go for understatement while trying academic writing.It down-poured more than expected (while depicting weighty precipitation that caused a flood).
32Expressions can cause composing fascinating, yet to utilize them accurately.A penny saved is a penny earned.


When pigs fly.

33Assuming you have offered something before, don’t rehash it.The novel expects that the peruser has some data on its setting in Asiatic history.
34Never end your sentences with prepositions.Which journal was your article published in?
35Never indulge in profanity.The taste sucks.
36Never place a comma among subject and predicate (or the action word).Likely the best writers all through English composing have been women through the whole presence of English composition. The comma uses incorrectly here.
37Never shift your point of view while creating.An essayist should not move your perspective.

Assuming you are writing in the primary individual, stick to it. On the off chance that you are writing as an outsider looking in, stick to it.

38Single-word sentences ought not to utilizes in scholarly composition.Who? Or Wait!
39Pay attention to subject-verb agreement.The wolf, who has six siblings, is ferocious.
40Pay attention to your usage of apostrophes.Attention to our professor’s
41Edit your paper cautiously to check for incorrectly spelled words, keyboarding blunders (like increments, oversights, and missteps), and mistakes recorded as hard copy dates, figures, and counts.annaLize (for analysis)

familiar (for familiar)

knowledgable (for knowledgeable)

42Eliminate superfluous commas.Little dread is the best flavoring for my food, so I frequently surprise my servant cooking.

There is no redundant data that is the main comma inaccurately used concerning ‘my food.’

43Revise any sentence fragments.Instead of:

Discovered the cure for the disease.


The researcher discovered a cure for the disease.

44Shun the use of ampersands and contractions.Let’s consider the first theory.


Apples & bananas are two different fruits.

45Spell check your paper to edit spelling or typographical errors.Their vs. They’re vs There

Its vs. It’s

Quite vs. Quiet

Affect vs. Effect

Your vs. You’re

Should have vs. should of

Definitely vs. Definitly vs Definately

46When you use an abbreviation in the text, mention it in parentheses after its full form.The central command of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is in Switzerland.
47Use concrete, specific language. Avoid abstract or generic sentences.Students who get hands-on experience learn more.
48Use citation as an exemption. An excessive amount of citation is diverting and suffocates your voice.Smoking ought to be prohibited from eateries. “The guideline is extremely past due” (Jones 12).
49Utilize vernacular terms at every possible opportunity.Corn or maize is the normal name for the plant experimentally known as ‘Zea mays.’
50Use words correctly.Rubber can be molded into many shapes.


Final words

As other students, you won’t have the advantage of that profundity of information yet, so any endeavor to depict yourself in any case in your composing will either uncover you as an amateur or lead you down the way of literary theft, that won’t end well for you. Scholarly composing is a specialty, and surprisingly the most experienced authors keep on moving toward it. Browse through our top university assignment services. So always follow the top tips shared above while writing your assignments. If you are looking for any type of assistance in your assignments or academic records, feel free to contact us at WhatsApp, call at 7705087509 or email at [email protected] for quick assistance.


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