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Writing a quality dissertation is always not easy for the students. A detailed and long dissertation assignment works are time-taking as well. Besides, many students are also not very talented with effective writing skills. In this modern education world, every Ph.D. student needs dissertation assignment help in their coursework. At the same time, when they search Dissertation Assignment Help online, they get multiple options to choose from. You choose the ContSeo Writing services, and it will help you in various forms. We have a complete understanding of how to write dissertation assignments etc. 


Dissertation Writing Guide

A dissertation is a lengthy academic work prepared after extensive research on a subject. Thus, dissertations as a kind of academic writing are distinct from other types of academic examinations in that they are a true assessment of a student’s talents. In this type of academic evaluation, the learner must assume complete responsibility for their learning, from picking a topic to selecting a study method and finally concluding the consequences.

Given the complexity of dissertation writing, we decided to create a dissertation guide to assist students on their tough trips. Most students begin writing a dissertation with tremendous excitement but quickly get overwhelmed by the research, and many fail to complete it by the deadline.

When you begin writing a dissertation, you will require a systematic approach, extensive research, direction, and a great deal of endurance. Given the academic constraints that students endure to get their grades, along with the obligations of their professions, many students find it exceedingly difficult to prepare a high-quality dissertation. Many students lack an understanding of how to start their dissertation work and hence wind up producing poor dissertations. Therefore, before diving into the procedures for writing a strong dissertation, it’s critical to understand why dissertations are so critical.

Why is a Dissertation so important?

Writing a dissertation is indeed the most important part of all Ph.D. programs. Dissertations are important because they help teachers clearly evaluate students’ skills and then decide whether or not they are good enough to get a degree. This is why they are important. The following are some of the reasons why writing a dissertation is so important:

  • Dissertations help students show off their knowledge and unique ideas to their professors, which is a skill that is important for anyone who wants to be an expert in their field of study.
  • Because they can do this, it shows their professors that they can organize their thoughts in a clear way and that they can move on with the process in an efficient way.
  • Even though they aren’t done yet, it helps them prepare for their final dissertation study.
  • To make sure they can make the right decisions when writing their dissertation, they go through a process first.
  • The dissertation shows that the students have decided on what field they want to work in and what they are interested in.
  • Dissertations include a lot of research and analytical skills. Here, you have to show off your writing and creativity skills without fear. Dissertations will also help you be more patient because they take time to research and write.
  • Dissertations help you improve your ability to understand and learn about the requirements of your subject papers.
  • Good dissertation writing will help you get better grades and build a good foundation for your career.
    Again, if you want to go to college, dissertation writing will help you with your assignments.

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What are the main parts of a Dissertation?

  • Abstract –After the title and acknowledgment pages, the abstract page comes up. This page is called the abstract page. If you write an article for a journal, the abstract has a word limit of 150 to 200 words. The content of the abstract is important because it gives the reader a chance to learn about the dissertation and see if it’s something he wants to read or not. The abstract is a kind of summary of your research questions, results, and methods. It’s also a good way to remember what you did and how you did it. People need to pay more attention here, so they don’t lose their attention at the end.
  • Literature review –You will have to think about and explain the ideas and theories of other people in this part of your dissertation. You must look at at least 10 other sources and a few theories or models from other people to see how they compare. This part of the dissertation is about 20% of the whole thing.

  • Chapters –As each chapter is about a different topic in the paper, they are very important. So the reader doesn’t have to look through the whole dissertation to find the topic they want to read about.

  • Bibliography- A bibliography is a list of all the articles, books, and websites you used to write your dissertation. This list is called a bibliography. A separate page at the end of the paper lists it. It is recommended that you write the Bibliography in alphabetical order, based on the writing style that you need to use.

    You should keep in mind that the above points will help you write a good dissertation. As a side note: There’s an easy-to-follow format for writing a dissertation that will help you finish one that’s about 10,000 words long. There is a basic outline for writing the dissertation that you can see here.

  • Research question: The question of the research section can be found in the beginning. These are the main questions that are asked in the research methodology. Several times, it has been shown that the most interesting or strong questions keep the reader’s attention until the end of the topic.

How to find a Dissertation topic?

  • One of the most difficult parts of writing a dissertation is coming up with a topic that fits the subject. Most students have a hard time dealing with these problems and get confused when choosing which ones to choose. Finally, they reach a difficult point where they have to forcefully choose topics, which leads to a poor performance soon after.

    To avoid this, it is important to pick the best topic out of many different ones so that the research process can go as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you look at the list below, you can see that things will help you choose a good subject for your research.

  • When you choose a topic for research, you need to pick one that is interesting to you and fits your research style. There are times when you need the help of experts or supervisors who know your strengths and can help you find topics that match your subject. When they pick a topic for research, the best way to deal with some of the problems that students face is to ask professional experts. They know what works and what doesn’t work in the long run. In this example, a student who wants to write a paper about IT, genetics, medicine, or microbiology must look for the most up-to-date facts.
  • You can also think about how your research projects might be able to get money in the future. It’s up to you to choose the most recent technologies or medical researchers. You can also choose something important to a large part of the world’s population today or in the future. People and businesses will likely be interested in projects like this. Therefore, it is important to design the research method in a specific way so that it draws the attention of the people who read it. The funds should be managed efficiently, with the main goals at the top of the list.
  •  Take care not to do the same thing as another research project or study a field of study that has already been done. Once again, adding a lot of value to an already researched field can help, but small amounts of research might not get you much attention. The research work needs to be unique or make your research less interesting. This will make your research less interesting.
  • Depending on the subject you’ve chosen, you’ll need to find a good supervisor. Choose a supervisor who has done this before and is a good expert in the field of study you want to work on. This is always a good thing to do. If you are lucky, you should find a supervisor who agrees with your ideas and research style.
  • An academic student might have a hard time writing a dissertation if their supervisor isn’t knowledgeable. These people help students choose a topic and write a good research paper at the right time, so they tend to be very helpful.
  • Exposure to internships, graduate courses, workshops, seminars, and even your friends can help you develop good research ideas. It’s like this: First, you need to learn more about what you want to study by looking into the right topics.
  • There is a different way that each student thinks about the research topics. If you can talk to other students who can add flavor to your research topic, then you can come up with a better idea of what you’re going to do.
  • Never choose topics that are out-of-date or have been used a lot. Choosing those topics puts your grades and research funding at risk.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what you should write about. In order to choose a topic, you will have to spend a lot of time.

How to come up with a good research question?

It is always important to pick the questions for the research in a way that will get the attention of the people who read it. Better research questions will get more attention from people who want to read about them. It shows that you better understand the subject if you choose the right question for your dissertation. It also helps the reader understand the research methods more quickly. If students ask the right questions from the start, they won’t have to deal with problems later on in the class. Some things to keep in mind when you choose a research question, such as the following:

  • People studying the same thing as you should get something new and interesting from your research, not just repeat what has already been done. Ideally, your research questions should be interesting enough not to be ignored by other researchers researching the same field.
  • You have a better chance of getting money if your research questions are popular with the public or businesses. There won’t be any money for the project if the questions aren’t good enough or don’t have much to do with today’s world. Suppose the research questions are about a rare stem cell therapy. If your research answers some of the questions that haven’t been answered in the field of study, it should be important for doctors and other health care workers to know to help patients with a chronic disease.
  • The research question should not be too broad or too narrow. This is how it should be: It should be easy to handle and relevant to the current people. A specific research question increases the chances of getting money.
  • You should pay more attention to the parts of your research that you have already looked into. Make sure your research question meets this rule.
  • Keep your research goals in line with what you can do and be realistic. Use the research theme to talk about the scope and limitations of your project.

What are the chief research methodologies?

The research methodologies are the methods students use to get information from the world around them. These techniques help make a difference and make the write-up unique and exciting. It helps students write their dissertations by teaching them new writing methods. There are a lot of ways for students to learn about these techniques. There are a lot of options for them, depending on their needs. Here are some of the best ways to do things. They’re all briefly explained.

  • Conducting Interviews: Qualitative research techniques that use interviews are called interview techniques. They are used to find out what people or groups think. Interviews are done very quickly to get ideas from people interested in the program or situation. In the case of research techniques, interviews help the person who interviews the students get the information they need to classify them the way they need to be.

The interviews are done in various ways, and there are some rules about how they should be done. This type of interview is called a “formal interview.” It is done to get people’s ideas. But when two people have a casual conversation during an interview, it is called an informal interview.

  • Methodology: Historical research methodology is qualitative research that looks at past events to conclude them. To use this method, you need to know about the four main sources of historical information that can be used to do this kind of study.
  1. They are old historical documents that are kept in the museums.
  2. Books and journal articles talk about history.
  3. Census data and other government data are shown in this way:
  4. Many different types of literature, like recollections, memoirs, and autobiographies.
  • Surveys: If you want to do quantitative research, taking surveys is the best way. It means taking a survey of many people and getting quantitative results from that data. Census data, statistical reports, market research analysis, and polls are all good examples of survey methodology, but they’re not the only ones.
  • Performing Case studies: In qualitative research, case studies are a very important part of how you do your research. In this type of research, theories are tested in real-life situations to see if they are true. Many dissertations in the social sciences, law and business are written with the help of the case study method.
  • Theoretical analysis:  In this method, philosophers’ theories carry out critical exercises that help us make important assumptions about human society. There are a lot of different subjects where the theoretical analysis is used, like Gender studies, cultural studies, comparative literature, English, and Philosophy.

How to write chapters for your dissertation?

A chapter in each set of books helps you get better ideas about the subject. To help the reader understand what the writer wants, it is important to break the topics down into several chapters. This will help the reader understand what the writer wants to say. The chapters are a very important part of the dissertation, so they are very important. There are separate chapters for different topics that list the main parts of the body of each one. This will help you break down the topic into smaller parts. People who work with chapters should read these tips to help them keep them in good shape.

  • You should have at least five chapters in your dissertation, including the introduction and conclusion parts and the other parts. Apart from these two, the writer can break up the rest of the research into chapters and sub-chapters to make it easier for the reader to read the paper. This way, the reader won’t have any trouble.
  • The writer needs to think carefully about which topics or sections they want to include because it is important to include those topics that have the most connection to the subject.
  • This means that there will be a lot of dissertations that have more than one research theme in them. In this situation, the best thing to do is to write many short chapters for each theme. AI and how it will affect us in the future: If your research theme is about AI and how it will affect us in the future, you need to break it down into small order chapters like:
  1. AI as it is now
  2. Breakthroughs in different industries, like medicine and transportation. Also, jobs that are done by machines or robots.
  3. Artificial Intelligence has a lot of future potentials.
  4. Make the chapters short, relevant, and to the point. This is how you should write the chapters. Don’t think about things that aren’t important.
  5. The committee wants to read a simple and effective writing style, so it’s best to stick to that only.

How to do Citations and Bibliography?

To keep up with citations and bibliographies, it is important to have the other qualities or skills to help students make their write-up look good. The citations are a way for students to thank the sources they use when writing their research papers. It is very important to keep this because the reader can quickly find the important parts of the story to get better ideas in less time.

Citations –  It’s important to cite the sources in several ways:

  1. Harvard –This citation is in parentheses. Thus, the author’s name and the date of publication need to be put in the parenthesis, as well. If John Williams wrote a book called Finance and Accounting in New York in 2001, it should be written like this. As of 2001: -John Williams
  2. Chicago – End-of-text citations are used in Chicago, a citation style. It’s because of this that they are written as Endnotes. Porter, Stephen, “Principles of Advanced Accounting,” Minnesota, 1989, is a good example of this. There are some rules about writing this in Chicago style: Porter Stephen wrote “Principles of Advanced Accounting” in 1989.
  3. APA – APA is the most common citation style, and its in-text citation styles are very similar to other styles.
  4. MLA – People who study the humanities use the MLA citation style when they write about their work. It mostly lists the author’s name and the page number. Suppose John Hamilton wrote “Introduction to Literary Theory” in 1996. According to MLA citation, that book should be called “John Hamilton, Introduction to Literary Theory,” but it should be called “John Hamilton, 1996.” (Hamilton, p. 26).

Bibliography:  It’s important to have a bibliography after you cite someone. It’s the end of the paper. Use it in your dissertation because it will have all the information you need about the references you found when you were doing your research for the project. To keep the bibliography in alphabetical order, it needs to be organized in a certain way. It can also be broken down into books, resources, and the internet.

Dissertation Writing: A review.

  • The topic is the most important part of the dissertation, and writing a dissertation is important to keep the importance of the chosen topic throughout the paper. As someone writes about a subject, they shouldn’t go off the rails.
    Always keep the first five chapters of your dissertation.
  • Every chapter should be based on a different subject.
  • The writing should be simple and clear all the way through.
  • In the citation, include all of the sources you used.
  • Remember to do a very good proofread of your dissertation, so it doesn’t have any mistakes in it.
  • Remember that your dissertation is the last step to getting your Ph.D., so do your best to write it.

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