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Did you know top-grade passed students MBA college students get an edge in placements? Getting an MBA online by distance learning medium has become a new trend in India. 

The trend follows completing an MBA in marketing, HR, finance & many more. While completing the MBA Program, it is vital to score good marks as it shapes the future career growth of the candidates.

As a student of NMIMS, it is not as easy to get A+ grades as it seems. Students enrolled in Distance Learning MBA are overloaded with assignments & project work. 

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NMIMS Solved MBA Assignments

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MBA internal assignments are the bones of its curriculum. The assignments submitted by the students constitute 30% of the total course requirements in internal assignments. It plays a big role in getting top grade marks and becoming a top leader in the college. 

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MBA Assignments Writing Service Semester Wise

NMIMS Assignments April 

 We recommend taking expert guidance for the new year assignment celebration from Conteo Writing Services. We are a top leader in the segment, giving you quality written NMIMS April Unique assignments at a reasonable price. Besides, we are also offering complete project reports for MBA, PGDIT, PGDMM, and BBA.

NMIMS Assignments June 

NMIM’s June assignments will be available as soon as we get by with NMIMS April assignments. We offer assignment writing help for each semester at Contseo Writing Services. We will help write the NMI June projects and assignments for the MBA.

NMIMS Assignments September

With over-delivering thousands of projects and assignments, we have become an industry expert in offering Assignment services for September.

 Our September assignment services will also be available when the university opens the student queue. We recommend students focus on the current semester for better grades.

NMIMS Assignments December

The previous year, in December, we delivered thousands of assignments. In addition, we helped students create projects, synopses, theses, and case studies. Our experts will offer you correct NMIMs answers so you get perfect opportunities for excelling grades.

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You can contact us anytime whether you are in Semester 1, semester 2, semester 3, or semester 4 of NMIMS. We are always here to assist you in getting the best marks in your coursework. 

NMIMS Solved MBA Project Report

For Assignments & Project Report, our goal is to help MBA students who are dedicated to their studies and want to get high marks.
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NMIMS Distance MBA Assignments

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Beware of Online NMIMS Assignmets Help Scam

Assignment writing help services are not a joke, but some companies have made it. Assignments greatly impact students’ lives to ensure a bright future and career growth. Nowadays, students are involved in multiple things, so assignments become a pressure on them. Students taking assignments online are getting scammed every single day. Searching a website on Google is not enough to get the complete idea.

Be aware Of Online Assignment Fraud 

Price: Check if the company asks for something too costly or cheap.
Terms and conditions: Before paying for assignments, you should carefully check the company’s terms and conditions on the website.
Seo trust: Just because some websites are on top of Google, should you trust them? They often pay Google to show their website at the top to attract students to buy assignments online. We are not saying ranking websites are frauds, but be sceptical when you choose.
Customs care: If you are confused, they will help you.
Plagiarism: Are they giving any legit plagiarism reprot along with each assignment?
Reviews: If they are legit, they will have genuine reviews. But do not trust or buy assignments based on reviews only; if possible, ask why you should trust them and see what they offer next.

These are some tips for saving you from assignment scammers.


NMIMS Assignments – 1st semester

Business Economics Assignment Solution

Financial accounting and analysis
Information systems for managers
Management theory and practice
Marketing management
Organizational behavior

NMIMS Assignments 2nd semester

Business communication
Business Law
Decision Science
Essentials of HRM
Operations management
Strategic management

NMIMS Assignment 3rd Semester

Consumer behavior
Corporate Finance International Business
Operations management
Organization theory
Taxation- direct and indirect
Capital Market and Portfolio Management
Cost and management accounting
Marketing of financial services

Strategic Cost Management

Compensation and benefits
Industrial relations
Manpower planning
Organization culture
Performance management system
Customer relationship management
International marketing
Marketing strategy
Sales management
Cloud computing

Emerging technologies

Fundamentals of big data

IT infrastructure

Brand management
IT project management

Commercial banking

Retail banking

Total quality management

Enterprise resource planning

NMIMS Assignments 4th Semester

Business ethics
Financial institution and markets
Marketing research
Project management
Services marketing
International finance
Strategic Financial Management
B2B marketing
Integrated marketing communications
Insurance and risk management
International banking
Treasury management
Employee Development
HR Audit
International HR Practices

Strategic HRM

Enterprise resource planning
Operations and supply chain
Procurement management
Service operations
Total quality management
International Logistics
World class operations

Digital payments

IT Security
Managing BPO
Research methodology
Advanced SCM
Decision Analysis & Modeling

NMIMS Assignments Sample

Samples are provided here severs only as a reference. We wish to inform you that please do not use it or upload it. You will fail or are likely to get a copycase. We make our projects from scratch and ensure two documents are unique. 


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