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SCDL PROJECT REPORT (Symbiosis Project Report)

Symbiosis Distance Learning Project Report for MBA

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Symbiosis Project Report 

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SCDL Project Report

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SCDL Symbiosis Project Reports for MBA, PGDBA & All Subjects

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SCDL Project Reports in All Program

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Symbiosis Project Report

How We Proceed?

  • Choice of topic and confirmation from direct If you have chosen, let us know. if you have not yet chosen, we will suggest how you should direct your SCDL PROJECT REPORT.
  • Videoconference round table with our group of professors and students.
  • Availability of Rundown proposal and send to extend command. Please let us know if you have already done so.
  • Initial Effort Begins Writing and information gathering from the college library, diaries, the Internet, etc.
  • Creating an initiative, titling, subtitling, and arranging enhances the appearance of the SCDL PROJECT REPORT.
  • Final editing, proofreading for spelling and grammar, research and cross-checking of facts.
  • Textual style and design by the guidelines supplied and a final copy sent to you/directed for document auditing.
  • After getting permission from management, irritate literary theft testing to ensure an 85 percent score only if necessary by guidelines.
  • Remedies, if applicable, based on student/teacher comments and final delivery.

SCDL Project Report - Project Topics in Operations

1) Study on Supply Chain Management
2) Study on Material Management
3) Study on Inventory Management
4) Study on Just in Time and its implementation
5) Study on Six Sigma and its implementation
6) Study on Lean Manufacturing and its implementation
7) Study on Logistics and Distribution Management
8) Study on Transportation Management
9) Study on Maintenance Management
10) Study on Operations Management
11) Study on Productivity and Efficiency Management

12) Study on Quality Management and its practices
13) Study on Work Study and Method Study and its implementation
14) Study on Production Planning and Control and its implementation
15) Study on Project Management in Manufacturing/Operations
16) Study on Waste Management and its practices
17) Study and Implementation of 5-S
18) Study on Total Quality Management and its implementation
19) Study on Kaizen and its implementation
20) Study on Total Productive Maintenance and its implementation
21) Study on Technology Management in Operations
22) Study on Operation Strategy and its implementation

Project topics in HRM - Human Resources Management (Symbiosis Project Report

1) Knowledge / Talent Management in Indian Organizations
2) Enterprise Resource Planning in Relation to HRIS
3) Competence Mapping and Benchmarking
4) Managing Global Work-Force
5) Motivational Theories and Employees Job Satisfaction
6) Human Resource Management (Manufacturing / Service / IT / ITES)
7) Application of Six Sigma in HR
8) Employee Potential Management in Knowledge Industry
9) HR Practices in IT & ITES Organizations
10) Employee Promotional Model
11) Human Resource Information System
12) Knowledge Management for Growth
13) Managing Global Work-Force
14) Performance Management System
15) Recruitment and Selection

16) Training and Development
17) Compensation Management
18) SWOT Analysis of HRM in Indian/Global Industry/Sectors
19) Role of HR in TQM
20) Labor Laws, Labor Relations, and Grievance Handling
21) Analysis of Balanced Score Card in Organizations
22) A Study of Employee Engagement Policies
23) An Analysis of Contractual Employment in Manufacturing / Service Industries
24) A Study of Present Scenario of Employee Relations in India
25) Role of Trade Unions in Collective Bargaining
26) Role of Leadership Development in Organization Effectiveness
27) A Study of Performance Management System in XYZ organization.
28) HR Policies and Practices in Developing Organizations
29) HR initiatives in breaking down cultural barriers in global organizations
30) Managing the global workforce

SCDL Project Report 

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SCDL Project Reports- 500+ Topics

Project topics in CRM - Customer Relationship Management (Symbiosis Project Report

1. Study of CRM practices for a whole seller/dealers.
2. CRM plan in electronic shop/Bank/Hotel/Retail Outlet.
3. Analysis of Scope for strengthening a CRM program in Organisations
4. Study of effectiveness of CRM system in IT / ITES companies
5. The CRM system in an organization – a detailed analysis.
6. Role of IT in CRM practices of an organization
7. Effectiveness of CRM measures of an manufacturing/service organisation
8. Customer Retention Strategies in a manufacturing / service organization

9. Study /Analysis of CRM failure in an organization
10. A study of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight in XYZ organisation
11. Data Mining tolls in CRM
12. Role of Regain Management in CRM
13. Marketing Automation
14. Collaborative CRM
15. Analytical CRM
16. Operational CRM
17. Architecture Of CRM

Project topics in Marketing - SCDL Project Report

1) Emerging trends in retailing
2) Effective brand management
3) Reasons for brand failure
4) Analysis of sales promotion and advertising strategies
5) Psychology of Indian consumer
6) Survey on Consumer Choices of different brands of two-wheelers in ……….. City
7) Market Potential for Logistics Business in …………. City
8) Brand Equity in select FMGC products in ……… City
9) Service Quality and Consumer satisfaction of Maruti Service Centers
10) A Study on Marketing Strategies of HLL in South India (A Case Study)
11) Impulse Buying Behavior of Customers in ……….City
12) Customer Satisfaction Survey

13) Consumer Perception Survey
14) Service Quality Study
15) Improving service quality using service blueprinting
16) Study on effectiveness of employee’s role in service delivery
17) Effectiveness of channels of distribution in service delivery
18) Effectiveness of channels (on-line / Internet) in service delivery
19) Customer Data Analysis
20) Study of Advertising effectiveness
21) Effectiveness of promotion schemes
22) Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception
23) Study of Customer Loyalty
24) Study of Purchase Influencing Factors

Project topics in Marketing - SCDL Project Report

1. Responsibility Accounting
2. Key Performance Indicators of Supply Chain Retail
3. Foreign Direct Investment
4. Financial Planning and Forecasting
5. Financial Instruments
6. Impact of Macroeconomic Factors On Money Supply
7. Competitive Analysis of Depositary Service Provider
8. Comparison of Initial Public Offer in the Infrastructure Sector
9. Comparison between Investment in Equity and Mutual Fund
10. How to Plan Invest In Insurance Sector And Tax Planning
11. External Debt Management
12. Export Marketing Entry Strategy
13. Equity Analysis of Banks
14. Emergence of Initial Public Offers as an Investment Avenue
15. The Effect of Changes in Credit Ratings on Equity Returns
16. The Effect of Bond Rating Changes on Stock Prices
17. Merchant Banking in India
18. Load Testing of Loan Search
19. Investment Opportunity in Stock Market with Special Focus on Oil Sector
20. Inventory Management and Budgetary Control System


21. International Financial Reporting Standards
22. In-Depth Study of Housing Finance Sector
23. Impact of Macroeconomic Factors On Money Supply
24. Currency Derivatives
25. Descriptive Qualitative Approach towards the Financing Needs of Indian Telecom Sector
26. Derivatives
27. Demat Account
28. Customer Profitability
29. Currency Derivative Business Perspective
30. Credit Appraisal Process in SME Sector of State Bank of India
31. Credit Analysis of Personal Loan
32. Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value
33. Corporate Governance
34. Comparative Analysis of NPA of Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks and Foreign
35. Comparative Study on ULIPS in the Indian Insurance Market
36. Comparative Evaluation Strategies in Mergers and Acquisitions
37. Cash Management
38. Working Capital Management
39. Analysis of Financial Statements of XYZ Company
40. Alternate Revenue Sources for the Bank

SCDL Project Report 

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