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Contseo Writing Services is there for you at your every footstep. It may be a part of your high marks or it may be for your research paper or for your new venture, we are always there to make the best for you. We offer all types of IT services, from website development to content writing. You need to share your idea, and we will make sure to make it live on your laptop and mobile screen with a plethora of guaranteed business opportunities. We also offer assignment writing help for all universities of India and several universities across the globe. You can leave all your assignments and project report tasks to us; our team of skilled writers will take care of it effectively. Just don’t waste your time and explore the bunch of services offered by us and get your work done with experienced professionals in no time.

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Writing homework assignments has become essential for many students in today’s educational world. While they are dedicated & studying very hard to get good marks, it is crucial to think about online assignment help. Students are involved in a large number of extracurricular activities. They don’t have enough time to write assignments, so they look for assignment help websites. So, to get the best Assignment help  the student can get the best assignment help from the best assignment help websites like ContSeo Assignments. 

ContSeo is a team of expert writers who can provide the best assignment help in India and the UK. We rank one of the top assignment services providers in India. Our Assignment helps India’s mission impacting thousands of students getting excellent grades. We provide high-quality assignment work by following the right Universit guidelines. We are providing Turnitin Checked Assignment with a pdf similarity report. We provide the best NMIMS Solved Assignments for MBA & project report help. 

We also provide MBA Project report help and thesis & dissertation writing services. 

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Assignment Help

We provide solved assignments for numerous universities for NMIMS, SMU & other universities. Get Turnitin Checked assignments with authentic originality reports.

Turnitin Plagiarism Check

Get your assignments, reports, thesis, dissertation papers checked with Turnitin Software at cheap cost.

Project Report

Get NMIMS project report written from experts under deadline. We also provide Turnitin report along with your reports.

Content Writing

Get perfect SEO Optimized friendly articles written for your lending page, blog, or affiliate dashboard.

Resume Writing

Finding strategies to stand out from other job searchers might be challenging when you’re looking for a job. Creating a high-quality CV is time-consuming, difficult, and demanding. One alternative is to hire an expert like us to handle it for you, so you don’t have to.

Overseas Academic

We provide assignment writing services for US, UK & Canada. Along with many 20+ countries services.

Essay Writing

We are the industry’s most economical essay assignment writing service without sacrificing quality! Additionally, in the extremely unusual event of disappointment, we give a refund.


If you need help with your dissertation, is the best place to go. It has cheap prices, unique content, and professional writers.

Handwritten Assignment

If you don’t want to make the assignment, we can help you. You can order a ready-made IGNOU handwritten solved assignment from for a very low price, and it will be done well.

PowerPoint Presentation Services

Get high-quality and cheap PowerPoint presentation services from You will get PowerPoint presentations that are interesting and relevant.

IT Services

People who work for ContSeo get top-notch IT services from this company. Get a lot of IT services that help your business grow a lot.

Academic Writing

A type of writing where the main content is about the syllabus and courses that have been chosen. This writing only talks about what makes a study-based piece of writing. This could be about any subject in the field of education.

Website Development

We provide a wide range of website development services for various startups & brands. Give your product a creative layout that stands in the market Hire ContSeo for Website Development projects.

App Development

We have both Mac & Android app developers ready to make a great quality app for your brand. We have UX/UI industry experts. Contseo is for best app development services.

Laboratory Report

This method compiles the results of practical laboratory experiments into a report. The following sections provide general descriptions, techniques, findings, and assumptions, as well as closing statements. This aids the student’s comprehension and the step-by-step work performed by them.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae

This is a critical component of any individual’s career. Each student’s résumé is detailed. Starting with the student’s age, employment experience, and educational qualifications, the CV contains every detail about the student. A resume is a description of an individual’s qualifications.

Article Writing

Writing this way is for a lot of people. This writing gives you a way to write about this topic in different magazines, newspapers, blogs, and websites. The writing can be about social issues, but it can also be about very personal things.

Review Writing

After using a product, you write a review to say how good it is and what it can do. It’s about figuring out the good and bad things about the thing. It’s all about getting the viewer’s or user’s point of view into account. Depending on what you’re writing a review about, it can be a piece of writing or a research paper.

Speech Writing

There are a lot of different ways that speech writing can be used. It can be used to write scripts for people who want to give a presentation or do other things. Most of the time, this is used in dialogues or to describe what one will talk about.

Logo Making

Making a logo is a type of art made to be a symbol for a certain group or company. It shows where they came from. This will all depend on how creative the organization or company wants to be. The reason may be for any social projects or any business venture. The logo shows everyone that they can trust or be sure of something. It also promises to keep the originality of the design.

Story Writing

Story writing is putting together real life, imagination, emotions, and experience strongly. The length of the story will depend on the theme and the idea. One type of story is called a “genre,” written in that style.

Letter Writing

Letter writing can be broken down into two main groups:

1. Formal Letters: Formal Letters are written to say anything related to work or government. The message should be short and clear in a formal letter, but not too long. There should not be any extra words or useless talk. Only the main point should be said.

2. Informal Letter: Informal Letter is written to show how you feel and think. This format is used to say everything in a more friendly way. This type of letter is usually sent to someone close to us. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is in this letter format because there is no set length.

Video Writing

In video writing, you have to explain or define what is in the video. It is usually done in two ways, as shown below:

In this case, the writer has to code every word said in the video. Here, the writer has to code only the speaker’s words in the video. The writer can’t add any new words to the whole speech.

Writing a summary is different from writing an in-depth review. In this case, the writer must watch the video to get a sense of everything said in it. They have to write a summary of the whole thing they saw or needed to explain after they have looked at the whole thing they were supposed to show or explain in the video.


It is used to show where the study link or the ideas came from. At the end of the assignment, the list of references is talked about. You can also think of it as a bibliography. In the same line of text, the references are also mentioned. This is called an in-text citation, and the process is called that. So, referencing is an important part of your assignment because it helps show where your research came from and how unique it is to your work. It’s important to know the main types of references.

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Oxford
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

The process of formatting also depends on the type of reference.

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