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Top 8 MBA colleges in Delhi

A master’s degree in business administration is the minimum requirement for those who want to advance their careers into management positions. The online method has recently made its way into the field of master’s of business administration (MBA), where it holds the dual promise of integrating schedules, making it possible to combine work and studies, and making costs more flexible while simultaneously lowering the heights of this traditional premium training.

The best MBA colleges in Delhi/NCR include an overview of the primary business disciplines, including accounting, advertising, and human resource management.

The following list of universities and schools all provide great online MBA programs:

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU, New Delhi)

It is a component of the National Open University of Indra Gandhi (IGNOU, ND) and nourishes thousands of students via more than a thousand programs. The most significant benefit is that the same professors who instruct students in a traditional classroom setting may also instruct students in a distance learning module once per week. This provides students with the opportunity to study at the same quality levels. It is one of the top 10 MBA programs in Delhi.

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

In its distant education format, the Narsee Monjee Management Studies Institute (NMIMS) offers excellent programs. MBA is one of the most popular options. For its approved grade of A+, the school got the NAAC Category I Autonomy Award in Distance Education in India.

Dr. D.Y Patil University, Navi Mumbai

The Dr. D. Y. Patil University offers more than one hundred bachelor’s and master’s degree programs while maintaining the lowest possible tuition rates. The company’s online learning program is the most popular option for MBA students in India and is most well-known for the research it produces. Even though they obtain their education online, students who live a great distance away still have access to things like tutoring, a library, career opportunities, and other services.

Institute of Management Technology  Ghaziabad (IMT)

The Institute of Management Technology is the first organization anywhere in the world to provide an online service with an emphasis on virtual learning. It offers a degree program, mostly focused on the business sector, and is well-known for its post-graduate management diploma and post-graduate management degree programs. It provides advanced classes that last for a whole month and consist of eight weeks. It is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious MBA schools in the Delhi–National Capital Region.

Chandigarh University-Distance & Online Learning Institute

More than a hundred different online study options are made available to students by Chandigarh University. Its online platform makes use of numerous methods to provide students with online classes and gives them the ability to customize their schedules. The Master of Business Administration degree and the Bachelor of Business Administration degree are by far the most sought-after degrees in this field.

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL).

Distance learning is the primary emphasis of the Symbiosis Center, which was established with the intention of putting new technologies to use in academic research. SCDL makes every effort to provide each student with excellent and individualized training, and it also provides a tutor who may help students avoid having difficulty maintaining their anonymity. As a means of encouraging active participation on the part of students, classes are held twice daily—in the morning and the afternoon—every day of the week.

ICFAI University

The instructional paradigm used by ICFAI is one that is flexible and adaptable. It is intended to continuously adapt to new circumstances and evolve in tandem with the development of the Internet and society as a whole. ICFAI University offers a diverse selection of bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, post-graduate post-graduate degrees, and programs in finance and business.

Jain University, Bangalore

The Jain University in Bangalore is a relatively young educational establishment that provides teaching completely online. Jain University provides students with a multidisciplinary environment in which they may study a wide range of topics. In particular, they provide post-graduate courses in the subjects of education, business, and law.


Since it has been shown that people with a master’s degree are more likely than those without a degree to acquire a better job or promotion in their firm, imagine you reside in Delhi/NCR and are seeking a renowned MBA at one of the best MBA College in Delhi/NCR.

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